Tuesday 3 September 2013

Back to School Madness

Well folks, today was the first day of school and things have been crazy!

First off, I work in a brand-new school. We weren't able to actually get into the building until last Friday meaning I spent a good portion of the weekend getting stuff organized. It's a beautiful place and I love it, but parts of it are still under construction. Ack! It'll be an interesting few weeks until that's all finished and I can actually find all my resources. Many of them are on the stage, but there are no steps to get to the stage and all access points are blocked off because they're still under construction. It would be great if I could find some reliable transporter technology to zap it all up to my room, but I think I'm stuck waiting until we can get on the old-fashioned way.

Second, we had a houseguest all last week and that always throws everyone out of routine, especially because we made a few day trips, one of them to Fort George in Niagara on the Lake. Check out these pics!

The music teacher in me loved this! On the right is an old-school bassoon. I mean REALLY old-school, from around 1812. The weird instrument on the left is called a Serpent. Fitting really. It's sort of a precursor to the modern tuba. It was neat to hear an ensemble of musicians playing on replica instruments.

I know it's kind of hard to see, but the dude in this pic is firing a musket which was heavily used during the War of 1812. He didn't fire actual shots, just blanks, but it still created a lot of smoke!

And on top of that, I had to get my own kids ready for school, and couldn't find half their school supplies because I bought some stuff weeks ago and put it aside for safe keeping. It's very safe because no one can find it.

So of course, I forgot to get my Evernight Teen feature done on Monday, so to make up for it, next Monday will be a double feature! Stay tuned!

I hope all of you had a relaxing Labour Day weekend and are getting back into your own school routines.

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