Friday 30 August 2013

Release Day! Giveaway!

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Well ladies and gentleman, it's finally here!


I am officially a published author. Hard to believe! And I'm so happy to be able to share this exciting day with you! Well, truthfully, I'm celebrating at a staff meeting and finishing up my classroom for the first day on Tuesday. But I may crack open a bottle of wine tonight! And I'm definitely not cooking!

I wanted to share the celebration, so I'm having a giveaway! A signed print copy of the book is the prize! If you want to enter, all you have to do is answer this simple question by doing a little searching on my blog.

What is the NUMBER (hint, hint) of words from the original manuscript that ended up in this final version? Check out the blog archives on the sidebar to find the entry and then use the Rafflecopter below to submit your answer. Once you've done that, you'll unlock the bonus entries which you can earn by following me and Evernight Teen on Twitter and Facebook.

Oh, and in case you'd like to buy my book, it's available on the Evernight Teen site and Amazon so far. More links to come!

Thanks once again!

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