Friday 15 March 2013

Coming soon: Blood Hex by Erin Butler

My fellow Evernight Teen author Erin Butler is super excited about her upcoming release, Blood Hex. I know exactly how she feels! So when she asked if I'd help her reveal her hot-off-the-press new cover, I jumped at the chance. 

And here it is:

I have to say that I love the covers that Sour Cherry Designs does for Evernight Teen. I can't wait to see mine!

Blood Hex by Erin Butler

Two girls. Four centuries. One curse.
Isabella started it—all because a boy fell in love with her—but it ends with Sarah.
They meet in secret, Isabella and Thomas, during the witching hours while the rest of the villagers hide behind locked doors. And even though she's scared, she wants Thomas more. He'll protect her from the night, from his father who'll decide her future, from the paranoia-fueled hunting parties taking away innocents.
Centuries later, seventeen-year old Sarah runs away to an aunt she never knew she had. Her dad? Dead. Her mother? A liar. All she wants is memories of a father she never got—memories her mom refused to give her—memories she is determined to get from her aunt, her father's journal, and a town full of crazies.
What she discovers is her father's death isn't as innocent as everybody claims, and everyone—the Wiccans, the townies, even her quasi-boyfriend—all seem to be hiding something. The secret the history-rich town lives to keep entangles Sarah into a centuries old witch curse.

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