Sunday 24 March 2013

Sunday's Seven Sentence Snippet #3

Today's snippet is a little different. It is written from the point of view of "The Bad Guy".

With a sigh, he flipped to the next paper. X5. He had reported early that morning because he thought it was important. That was out of the ordinary. X5 was one they usually had to track down for his polygraphs. But at seventeen the subject wouldn’t be in the regular program much longer. He’d be moved into the Reproductive Program where he could prove his worth by fathering as many Gifted little brats as he could.

The bad guy's name is Slater. He's the head of operations at the Bunker. Subjects in the regular program at the Bunker have to take a polygraph every day to tell about any visions they've had. The regular program is made up of kids age 12 - 18. At 18 they get moved into the reproductive program with a pre-chosen mate so they can produce more Gifted children. Basically, they're kept like rabbits.

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In this book we don't hear much about the reproductive program, but in book 2 this is explored in greater detail. I've started working on the second book and my goal is to have it finished by June, so I can get to work on the third and final book! 

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