Sunday 3 March 2013

Epic Facepalm

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I got to spend some time with my lovely sister last night at an Epicure party (holy heavenly yumminess, Batman!) and we got to chatting about my book. She very kindly shared my author page on Facebook, and a former co-worker of hers went and checked it out. And pointed out a VERY glaring error I had made.

In my first post, I attributed the lyrics from "Closing Time" to Green Day. But in fact, that song is by Semisonic. As soon as she mentioned it, I knew she was right. And I'm an idiot!

So in a pathetic attempt to rectify the mistake, let me try to explain. At my wedding, hubby and I wanted to have two of our favourite songs played - "Closing Time" and "Time of Your Life" (which is FOR SURE by Green Day). I often associate the two songs with each other because of that and my poor brain was very tired the day I wrote that first post.

Okay, I know it's a very flimsy excuse, but I hate when I make a mistake like that, especially when I KNOW what's right.

So for all you Green Day and Semisonic fans out there, I'm sorry! I solemnly swear that I will heretofore check all sources before quoting them as fact!

Have you ever had one of those facepalm moments? I'd love to hear about it! Then I don't feel so bad!