Monday 12 August 2013

Evernight Teen Feature: Slayer for Hire by P.E. Cunningham

Today I'm featuring the Evernight Teen book, Slayer For Hire by P.E. Cunningham.

This book was a terrific read! It was easy to identify with Billie, the girl with a huge crush on her favorite TV star. She read all the books, watched every show, knew everything there was to know about the show. So naturally, when they come to her town to film the movie, she gets excited. As someone who keeps stalking the filming of the TV show Bitten (based on the Kelley Armstrong book) in my own town, I completely get it!

It's hard to tell you what I liked best about this book because it would be a spoiler. So I'll simply say that there are some interesting plot twists, strong characters, and excellent writing in the book. Highly recommended!

Nineteen-year-old Billie Eshleman loves the TV show Slayer for Hire, and has a major fangirl crush on its hunky star, Dylan Garber. When the show comes to her home town to film a movie version, it’s her greatest dream come true. Unfortunately, she’s not the only fan trying to crash the set. A real vampire has fixated on the fictitious “slayer,” and is determined to make Dylan her mate—like, for the rest of eternity.

With help from Dylan’s co-star, Matt—an actor with vampire-related secrets of his own—it’s up to Billie to keep her idol from joining the ranks of the undead long enough to finish the movie. And, incidentally, keep herself alive in the process.

Slayer for Hire Excerpt

About P.E. Cunningham
Pat (P. E.) Cunningham was born in New Jersey and grew up in Pennsylvania. Raised on a diet of Star Trek and Marvel Comics, she naturally gravitated toward a career as a writer. She’s published in the science fiction, fantasy, and romance genres, and is currently considering horror.  She lives in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, where the movieWitness was filmed, but never got to see Harrison Ford in person. Slayer for Hire is her first YA novel.

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